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EventLocationDateSubmission Deadline 
EventLocationDateSubmission Deadline
The Cost of Living and the Cost of Books ConferenceVenice, Italy2018, SeptemberTBAFuture
History and Economy in the Mediterranean Countries Seminar 2018Naples, Italy2018, October 1-52018, August 31Future
TEMA 2018Lubbock, TX2018, October 26-272018, September 15Future
Multi-Ethnic Borderlands of Medieval Toledo New DirectionsToledo, Spain2019, June 5-72018, September 15Future
Travel, Pilgrimage and the Hospital (IRCVM-INHH 2019)Barcelona, Spain2019, April 24-262018, July 2Future
"Arabism" Panel at Medieval Academy of America 2019Philadelphia, PA2019, March 7-92018, June 1Future
MAMA Conference 2018Lawrence, KS2018, September 222018, June 1Future
Graduate AFKCIRS ConferenceAmherst, MA2018, October 132018, September 1Future
SEMYR 2018 Patrimonio textual y humanidades digitalesSalamanca, Spain2018, September 4-62018, May 1Future
The Medieval Literary Canon in the Digital AgeGhent, Belgium2018, September 17-182018, May 10Future
Annual Symposium on Pilgrimage Studies 2018Williamsburg, VA2018, September 14-162018, May 1Future
Toronto Renaissance and Reformation Colloquium 2018Toronto, ON2018, October 26-282017, December 31Future
Medieval and Renaissance Translation: Bible and Ibero-Romance VernacularsPalma de Mallorca, Spain2018, November 22-242018, May 31Future
GEMELA 2018: Transatlantic PerspectivesMadrid, Spain and Charleston, SC2018, October 25-272018, March 21Future
Durham Early Modern Studies Conference 2018Durham City, England2018, July 23-252018, January 12Future
Medieval Iberian LLC Sessions at MLA 2019Chicago, IL2019, January 3-62018, March 15Future
SCSC Conference 2018Albuquerque, NM2018, November 1-42018, April 15Future
Medieval Unfreedoms: Slavery, Servitude and Trafficking in HumansBinghamton, NY2018, October 19-202018, May 1Future
Novel Saints: Novel, Hagiography and Romance Conference 2018Ghent, Belgium2018, November 22-242018, April 15Future
MAM Conference 2018West Lafayette, IN2018, October 4-62018, May 15Future
MRSPBC Conference 2018New York City, NY2018, December 12018, April 30Future
Duke Romance Studies Graduate Conference 2018Durham, NC2018, September 14-162018, July 16Future
Middle Ages, Medievalism, and Popular Culture ConferenceFlorence, Italy2019, January 17-192018, July 30Future
Al-Andalus in Motion ConverenceIstanbul, Turkey2018, November 15-162018, August 31Future
Call for Papers: Digital Philology Session at Kalamazoo 2019Kalamazoo, MI2019, May 9-122018, September 15Future
Call for Papers: IMANA and MENS Et Mensa Session at Kalamazoo 2019Kalamazoo, MI2019, May 9-122018, September 15Future
Calls for Papers: The Association of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies and the University of Louisville Medieval and Renaissance Faculty Working Group Sessions at Kalamazoo 2019Kalamazoo, MI2019, May 9-122018, September 15Future
Call for Papers: ACMRS Session at Kalamazoo 2019Kalamazoo, MI2019, May 9-122018, September 1Future


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