Panels organized by Nadia R. Altschul for the International Medieval Congress at Leeds.

  • Location: Leeds, England
  • Date: 6-9 July 2020
  • Submit proposal for individual papers by 15 August 2019. Submit full session proposal by 15 September 2019.
  • Contact: Nadia R. Altschul (
  • Calls for Papers (see below)

“Political Uses of Medieval Iberia”

Past and present mobilizations of al-Andalus, Sefarad, Iberia. Provide historical depth and examples of political uses of the medieval at different times and locations.

“Race and Its Historiographies in Medieval Iberian Studies”

Associated to the 2020 Seattle MLA roundtable on the topic (below). Presentations are invited that discuss any of the questions below:

  1. How has the longue-term history of Medieval Iberian Studies engaged with topics falling under the rubric of race/racialization, whitening of the Middle Ages, and (extreme) politicized uses of the medieval past?
  2. What can this long history of race/racialization in Medieval Iberian Studies offer to core areas of Medieval Studies which have veered toward the concerns above?
  3. Seen from the perspective of Medieval Iberian Studies, what differences need to be taken into account for these core fields to have a productive discussion that effectively addresses the diversity of the topic in time and place?

Selected papers on “Race and Its Historiographies” will be considered for a Special Issue of La corónica. Please feel free to contact Nadia Altschul with any questions you may have.

2020 Seattle MLA Roundtable “Race and Its Historiographies in Medieval Iberial Studies”

2020 MLA Roundtable proposal_Race and Its Historiographies
Medieval Iberia Panels at IMC, Leeds 2020
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