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    Session 215: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Ibero-Medieval Texts and Authors I: Lay Learning, Hermeneutics, and Didacticism: Papers in Honor of Mark D. Johnston

    Presider: Amy Austin, Univ. of Texas-Arlington
    Bernhard 208
    Friday, May 10, 1:30 pm

    • Life after Life: Versions of Llull’s Vita Coaetanea as Didactic Texts
      Pamela M. Beattie, Univ. of Louisville
    • Influences and Intersections: Álvaro de Luna’s Didactic Text
      Abby McGovern, Albright College
    • From Post-Troubadour Poetry to Neo-Latin Lyric: Baroque Audiences and the Medieval Author
      Albert Lloret, Univ. of Massachusetts–Amherst
    Session 273: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Ibero-Medieval Texts and Authors II: Self-Fashioning, Identity Formation, and Models of Life: Papers in Honor of Mark D. Johnston

    Presider: John August Bollweg, Univ. of New Mexico–Valencia
    BERNHARD 208
    Friday, May 10, 3:30 pm

    • Context Is Everything: Advice for Noble Women and Authorial Self-Fashioning in Andrés de Li’s Summa de paciencia and Hernando de Talavera’s “Letter of Advice to the Countess of Benavente”
      Laura Delbrugge, Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania
    • A Study of Alterity and Hybrid Identity in Multicultural Iberia as Represented in Flores and Blancaflor and Romances Fronterizos
      Carmen de Leon, Temple Univ.
    • Sanctii Vicentii, Beatus vir qui in sapientia morabitur: Vincent of Zaragoza in a Catalan Sermon of Vicent Ferrer
      Alberto Ferreiro, Seattle Pacific Univ.

    Ibero-Medieval Association of America (IMANA) Reception and Banquet

    Friday, May 10
    6:30 p.m – Reception, Fetzer Lobby
    7:30 p.m. – Dinner, North Fetzer 1055 (Pre-registration required)

    Click here for Banquet reservation form (forthcoming).

    Session 360: Herbalists without Borders: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Herbal Medicine in the Iberian World

    Presider: Robin M. Bower, Penn State Univ., Beaver Campus
    SCHNEIDER 1155
    Saturday, May 11, 10:00 am

    • The Latin Picatrix as an Herbal Resource
      Shalen Trask, Univ. of Waterloo
    • Tarsiana’s Electuaries and Sweet Herbs: Women and Medicine in Mester de Clerecía Poetry
      Matthew V. Desing, Univ. of Texas–El Paso
    • Tuberculosis and Medicinal Plants: From Avicenna to Colonial Mexico to Modern Laboratory Testing
      Oscar Beltran, Programa Compañeros of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
    Session 498: Literature and Court Culture in Medieval Iberia: A Session in Memoriam Nancy Marino

    Presider: Paul B. Nelson
    BERNHARD 209
    Sunday, May 12, 8:30 am

    • Marino on Manrique
      Gregory Kaplan, Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville
    • Baena’s Cancionero and the Illusion of Orthodoxy
      Gregory S. Hutcheson, Univ. of Louisville
    • Nobleza, Grandeza, and Letras beyond the Canon: Literary and Textual Production in Trastámara Spain from Juan II of Castile to Carlos I
      Linde M. Brocato, Univ. of Miami
    • ¡Dejad que el lector colija!: los vínculos de Celestina con la tradición paratextual esópica
      Raúl Álvarez Moreno, Univ. of British Columbia
    Session 528: The Politics of Consumption: Feasting and Fasting in Medieval Iberia

    Presider: Martha M. Daas
    BERNHARD 209
    Sunday, May 12, 10:30 am

    • In the Kitchen? Female Saints in the Flos Santorum
      Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths, Univ. of Delaware
    • Breast Is Best in Early Modern Spain
      Emily Colbert Cairns, Salve Regina Univ.
    • Feeding the Machine: Food, Falconry, and Fashioning Hybrid Subjectivity in Pedro López de Ayala’s Libro de la caza de las aves
      Michael O’Brien, Washburn Univ.
    • Medieval Iberian Drinking (and Feasting): Water and Wine
      Michelle M. Hamilton, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities



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