ICMS, Kalamazoo and concerns about the lack of transparency in the ICMS conference selection process

The editors of La corónica would like to bring to the attention of our readers an open letter recently drafted by the Steering Committee of the BABEL Working Group and circulated throughout various social media outlets. The letter has raised questions about the lack of transparency that characterizes the selection of sessions by the ICMS conference committee and the failure to provide an environment of diversity and inclusion relative to the session selection process.

La corónica has historically offered a forum for topics like these and has encouraged transparency and open approaches to a variety of issues in print as well as in the conference environment. If you are interested in these concerns, we urge you to read the letter here . If you support the letter’s position, consider adding your name by scrolling to the bottom of the letter’s webpage.

La corónica believes that it is important to listen to our diverse community of scholars so that we can develop new ways to negotiate the diversity of scholarship in our field. La corónica Commons seeks to promote collaboration and innovative approaches to the study of the medieval literatures of Iberia. It aims to foster public dialogue on issues that affect the future of Ibero-Medieval Studies in its many dimensions. This space is open for the dissemination of individual posts on current events related to the study of the Iberian medieval past.

Please comment on these topics and others that are relevant to our fields in the forum.





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