57th International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, 2022)

Principal Sponsoring Organization: Societas Magica 

Magical Cross-Currents: Fluidity, Hybridity, and Overlaps

May 9-14, 2022 (Virtual)

Magic is hard to define, control, and censure. The use and study of magic overlaps and intersects with various disciplines, practices, and geographical locations. What distinguishes magic from medicine or divine intervention? How was it used and by whom? How far did certain practices (or its attempted censorship) spread? This panel invites papers that explore the places where these cross-currents occur whether in the surviving documents themselves or among those who presumably created, used, or condemned them. Some examples include: fictional references, multi-lingual representation, religious contact, medicinal practices, and maritime connections across the Atlantic, Mediterranean, or other bodies of water.

Contact: Veronica Menaldi (vemenald@olemiss.edu) or David Porreca (dporreca@uwaterloo.ca)

Submissions due by September 15thhttps://wmich.edu/medievalcongress/call 

Call for Papers: Kalamazoo 2022 Session “Magical Cross-Currents”
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