La corónica is a refereed journal published every spring and fall by the Modern Language Association Forum, LLC Medieval Iberian. It publishes groundbreaking articles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, and Catalan on topics in medieval Iberian cultural studies, literature, and historical linguistics. Devoted to Hispanomedievalism in its broadest sense, La corónica also welcomes scholarship that transcends the linguistic and/or cultural borders of Spanish and explores the interconnectedness of those languages and cultures that coexisted in medieval Iberia. We welcome rigorously researched contributions to our fields from a variety of scholarly perspectives and approaches. All submissions must be critically and methodologically informed, written for our international, medievalist readership. In addition to articles, La corónica features book reviews, special thematic issues, short edited works, and translations.

Contributors should submit their manuscript in an e-mail attachment in MS Word format. Text, quotations, footnotes (rather than endnotes), and end bibliography of Works Cited must be all double-spaced. Typescripts must adhere in format to the MLA Handbook (8th edition) and employ the short internal reference system. For further information, see the Guidelines for Articles on our website. You may also visit the La corónica website.

The journal reviews collections of essays and digital works in addition to printed books and monographs. The Book Review Editor, David Arbesú (, commissions all book reviews. Unsolicited submissions are not accepted. Reviews are assigned on the assumption that they are not being considered for publication by another journal. Reviewers should follow the style guide for La corónica available at; a copy will be included with the book when it is mailed to the reviewer. Anyone wishing to suggest a title for review should contact the Book Review Editor.

Updated 12 June 2019.