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Brann, Ross. Iberian Moorings: Al-Andalus, Sefarad, and the Tropes of Exceptionalism. U of Pennsylvania P, 2021.

Coffey, T. F., and Maryjane Dunn, editors. The Sermons and Liturgy of St. James: Book I of the Liber Sancti Jacobi. Italica P, 2021.

Corral Díaz, Esther, y Ricardo Pichel, coordinadores. Guía para o estudo da prosa galega medieval.  Centro Ramón Piñeiro para a Investigación en Humanidades, 2020.

Fradejas Rueda, José Manuel, Enrique Jerez y Ricardo Pichel, editores. Las “Siete Partidas” del Rey Sabio: una aproximación desde la filología digital y material. Iberoamericana/Vervuert, 2021.

Kagay, Donald J., and L. J. Andrew Villalon. Conflict in Fourteenth-Century Iberia: Aragon vs. Castile and the War of the Two Pedros. Brill, 2021.

Kelly, Michael J. Isidore of Seville and the Liber Iudicorum: The Struggle for the Past in the Visigothic Kingdom. Brill, 2021.

Martínez Alcorlo, Ruth. Isabel de Castilla y Aragón, princesa y reina de Portugal (1470-1498). Sílex, 2021.

Miletich, John S. Medieval Spanish Epic, Ballad, Lyric, and the Serbo-Croatian and Russian Analogies: A Typology and Aesthetics of Oral and Related Forms. Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, 2021.

Reid, Cecil D. Jews and Converts in Late Medieval Castile: Breaking with the Past. Routledge, 2021.

Reynolds, Dwight F. The Musical Heritage of al-Andalus. Routledge / Taylor & Francis, 2021.

Roth, Norman. The Bible and Jews in Medieval Spain. Routledge, 2021.






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